Based in Geneva, the Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (ECR) supports UNOPS offices throughout the region through management, financial and programmatic oversight of global and country-specific portfolios, clusters and operations centres, including hosting services; fund and management advisory services; project implementation; procuring goods and services; and managing human resources.

ECR ensures that projects are executed to the highest standards, providing a shared knowledge base and ensuring that best practices and lessons learned are disseminated between business units and projects across the entire region.

ECR strategy is to:

  • Strengthen UNOPS role in operationalizing the Sustainable Development Goals with particular emphasis on health, environment and economic development.

  • Position UNOPS in the Balkan sub-region, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

  • Strengthen the implementation of ECR global and regional programmes, with revitalized partnerships in infrastructure, procurement and project management.

The Senior Partnerships Advisor will work across Europe and Central Asia region in close collaboration with the Regional Director, coordinate with ECR office partnerships officers, and lead the partner relationships with IFIs and key bilateral partners for ECR, working closely with the UNOPS PLG HQ and Liaison offices.

** Functional Responsibilities

Summary of Key Functions

Partnership, Business acquisition and growth

Knowledge management, innovation and technical support

Efficient partner relationships and organizational work ethics and culture

*** The selected candidate would be required to travel extensively in and out of the region.

  1. Partnerships development, business acquisition and growth include the following responsibilities:

  2. Coordinate the development of the 2022 – 2025 business development strategy for UNOPS ECR, development of a business plan 2022 – 2025 and lead the annual updates of ECR as well as hubs and offices business plans;

  3. Coordinate donor and partner mapping exercise covering both the development and humanitarian landscape;

  4. Advise the ECR RD and Senior Management Team on the possibilities for UNOPS strategic positioning, vis-à-vis the potential partners;

  5. Coordinate preparation of substantive briefs on specific partners, UNOPS strategic positioning, and

  6. partnership opportunities;

  7. Establish working relationships with key potential partners and attend relevant meetings to position UNOPS as a partner of choice;

  8. Lead, manage and coordinate agreement negotiations, drafting of project proposals, budget and other partnership and programme development communication;

  9. Coordinate and maintain regular communication with the Corporate Partnership Group (PLG) in UNOPS HQ in Copenhagen;

  10. Coordinate and collaborate with relevant partnerships and programme personnel at the country, regional and UNOPS HQ level to ensure aligned and coherent interactions with partners.

  11. Knowledge management, innovation and technical support, including the following responsibilities:

  12. Advise on the policy-level issues related to partnerships and programme development for UNOPS ECR;

  13. Assess and keep abreast of the emerging trends in the development and humanitarian spheres in ECR as relates to UNOPS services.

  14. Identify and synthesize best practices and lessons learnt as related to partnership and programme development.

  15. Implement standards, tools and templates provided by PLG to manage partnership and programme development within ECR effectively;

  16. Contribute to UNOPS capacity development as related to partnerships, including promoting learning, coaching and mentoring the team members, field staff on UNOPS policy and practices for effective management of partnerships;

  17. Participate in, conduct the relevant training for the operations/projects personnel, and participate in field missions.

  18. Contribute to knowledge networks and communities of practice.

  19. Lead effective coordination of the ECR offices’ Partnerships specialists.

  20. ECR helps ensure that projects are executed to the highest standards, providing a shared knowledge base and ensuring that best practices and lessons are disseminated between projects across the entire region.

  21. Coordination and collaboration with UNOPS Regional Partnerships Advisors.

  22. Efficient partner relationships and organizational work ethics and culture, including the following responsibilities:

  23. Actively engage with partners to solicit feedback and gauge their satisfaction with UNOPS services;

  24. Coordinate implementation of partner surveys within ECR as appropriate.

  25. Undertake advocacy, public information and communication activities in collaboration with PLG, when required.

  26. On behalf of the ECR Regional Director, participate in and report on the relevant inter-agency, donor and government coordination meetings, international conferences, summits, etc.;

  27. Actively engage with internal stakeholders.

  28. Demonstrate professional and personal ethics, transparency and openness.



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