Senior Manager for Clinic Services


  • Clinical Team Management – Build a productive and cohesive team of clinical professionals. Manage and supervise the Clinic Systems Manager and provide administrative supervision and mentorship to the Trainer Team (Psychotherapist/Trainers, Physiotherapist/Trainers and Social Services and Outreach Manager). Participate in the hiring, orientation, training and development of staff members. Hold regular supervisory meetings. Support staff with managing both supervisory and training activities. Working closely with Clinical Advisors, provide oversight of Trainer Team implementation of the performance review system and training activities. In consultation with the Human Resources Manager, provide on-site follow-up and coaching for trainers on leadership and management skills, including collaborative problem-solving, performance management, and effective communications. Ensure adherence to CVT Jordan policies, procedures, systems guidelines and values and professional development requirements by staff, including role modeling and encouraging best practices in staff well-being. In partnership with the Clinical Systems Manager, develop and implement accountability structures and policies for clinical care standards, protocols and best practices. Provide coordination and management support to Trainer Team in managing clinical crisis situations when they arise including high risk clients.

  • Clinical Program Leadership – Working closely with the Clinic Systems Manager, ensure achievement of clinical program goals, coordinate workflows, implement policies and practices, and facilitate communication across the team. Coordinate Trainer Team activities, including internal meetings, workload balance and distribution, task allocation, leave planning, communication and decision-making. Conduct workload and time management reviews in support of team well-being and productivity. Working closely with Senior Manager for Program Development and Clinical Advisors, oversee the development and implementation of the internal committees and task forces dedicated to clinical program content and development. Working closely with the Senior Manager for Program Development, ensure progress toward program objectives and indicators. Report on clinical activities aligned with program objectives. Solicit input from clinical team and integrate into grant reports and proposals. Contribute to program development opportunities as required.

  • Interdepartmental Collaboration – Promote collaboration across the program to ensure achievement of program goals. Collaborate with the Site Coordinator to ensure clear and thorough communication from the clinical team on issues related to logistics. Collaborate with the Clinical Advisors and act as a liaison with key focal points in Jordan, including the Trainer team. Collaborate with the Senior Manager for Program Development, Country Director, and Clinical Advisors on interdepartmental issues relating to clinic operations, program implementation, and organizational development. Participate in relevant interdepartmental planning activities and forums with staff at CVT-Jordan, headquarters and other field offices, including those related to systems upgrades and telehealth innovations. Collaborate with the Monitoring & Evaluation Team on matters related to clinical data monitoring, management, reporting and confidentiality.

  • Risk Management – Participate in the local risk management team and carry out requested actions as assigned by the local security focal point. Serve as the PSEA focal point and hold responsibility for monitoring, training and implementing PSEA policies. Help ensure health, safety, and emergency mitigation and preparedness plans are in place, and there is appropriate awareness, compliance and testing related to those plans. Implement, communicate, and monitor health, safety and security policies relevant to clinic operations. Work closely with Information Technology staff and consultants to develop and digital safety practices for clinic systems. Provide oversight for implementation of regular clinical audits, filing system reviews, compliance performance and clinical data security.

  • Partner Relations and External Relations – Coordinate with program leadership to facilitate CVT clinical representation and involvement externally, including through direct participation when appropriate.


Required education, experience, certificates, licenses or registrations

  • Advanced degree in social work, psychology, counseling, physical therapy/physiotherapy or related field.
  • 5 years of management experience within an international healthcare setting including supervision of staff.
  • Credentialed/licensed as a social worker, physiotherapist, psychologist, counselor or psychotherapist, or other related health care provider.
  • Extensive experience providing clinical services to children, adults, families and groups.
  • Experience working in a trauma treatment context internationally orin humanitarian contexts.

Preferred education, experience, certificates, licenses or registrations

  • Experience working in the Middle East.
  • Experience working with teams composed of psychotherapists, physiotherapists, social workers, and other disciplines relevant to trauma rehabilitation

Competencies (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)

  • Understanding of and experience implementing culturally appropriate interventions, including individual, group and community-based approaches for people who have suffered torture and war trauma.
  • Demonstrated success in working on interdisciplinary treatment teams.
  • Demonstrated success developing systems and processes that promote quality of care to clients.
  • Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Fluent in English. Fluency in Arabic desirable.
  • Cultural sensitivity awareness in working with diverse staff and client populations.
  • Demonstrated capacity to understand and problem-solve in a supportive, compassionate manner through active listening, collaborative analysis, and decisive action
  • Skilled at carrying out needs assessment and program evaluations.
  • Demonstrated flexibility to adapt to changing program requirements, client needs and political climate.
  • Skilled at working both independently and as part of a diverse team.
  • Committed to role-modeling best practices in self-care.
  • Experience liaising with donors, contractors, government officials and representatives from other agencies.
  • Demonstrated success in project management, including managing multiple and competing priorities, coordinating individuals and teams, developing processes, and change management.
  • Experience addressing disciplinary and performance concerns
  • Ability to travel between 3-10 hours per week by vehicle to program locations.
  • Interest in or commitment to human rights.


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