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Objectives and Expected Outputs: The consultant is expected to deliver on the following activities:

Deliverable 1. Prepare Inception report. This is a report detailing how the consultant will approach the engagement including timelines.

Deliverable 2. Compile and conduct desk review of HFHI, HFH Indonesia policies, procedures and protocols related and relevant to Safeguarding including HR-related, Community-Based Feedback Mechanism, grievance mechanisms and reporting mechanisms, due diligence of vendors, and accreditation of partners, identifying compliance requirements and gaps that need to be addressed based on the HFHI Safeguarding Self-Assessment.

Deliverable 3. Compile and conduct desk review of local regulations that are related to Safeguarding particularly laws on sexual abuse and exploitation, the welfare of and protection of children and vulnerable adults (elderly, people with disabilities, women).

Deliverable 4. Develop and formulate a Local Safeguarding Policy in accordance with HFHI’s Safeguarding Policy, taking into account outputs from Activities 1 to 3 and compliant with HFHI Safeguarding Standards.

Deliverable 5. Conduct feedback sessions by presenting the draft Local Safeguarding Policy to the Country Leadership Team, the Board of Trustees where applicable, the AP AO Safeguarding Team, AP AO Country Focal Points and other stakeholders for review and inputs. Consideration has to be made on how the Local Safeguarding Policy adheres to HFHI Safeguarding Policy and local laws and regulations particularly on requirements to report to local authorities.

Deliverable 6. Finalize the Local Safeguarding Policy taking into account the inputs and feedback from stakeholders.

Deliverable 7. Creation of learning materials such as guidance notes and PowerPoint presentation that will be used in the socialization of the Policy.

Deliverable 8. Present the final Local Safeguarding Policy to all staff, Board of Trustees and stakeholders such as consultants and volunteers.

Deliverable 9 Prepare a completion report highlighting lessons learned from the engagement.

  1. Timeframe: The timeframe for this consultancy is estimated to 90 calendar days from the signing of the consultancy agreement.
  2. Qualifications Skills and experience: The consultant will be expected to have worked, at least for seven (7) years, with protection, child protection and gender in both development and emergency settings particularly in the Asia Pacific context. The person should also have experience in managing programs in both development and emergency settings, including some field experience. Degree in social sciences, social work, human rights and preferably with a focus on protection/ child protection/ child rights. Relevant experience would compensate for lack of educational background
  3. Bid Requirements: Interested consultants are requested to submit:
    1. An expression of interest detailing their interpretation of the Terms of Reference (TOR) and work schedule.
    2. A detailed budget for proposed costs including all taxes liable to be paid
    3. A capability statement demonstrating how they meet the required qualifications and competencies
    4. Copies of Curriculum Vitae (CV).
    5. Two references (including one from your last client/employer).
    6. The entire bid should be a maximum of seven (4) pages including the budget. Bids not meeting this requirement will not be considered.
    7. Confidentiality of Information. All documents and data collected will be treated as confidential and used solely to facilitate analysis.
  4. Active support of HFHI Values:
    1. Humility – We are part of something bigger than ourselves
    2. Courage – We do what’s right, even when it is difficult or unpopular
    3. Accountability – We take personal responsibility for Habitat’s mission
  5. Safeguarding: HFHI requires that all employees take seriously their ethical responsibilities to safeguarding our intended beneficiaries, their communities, and all those with whom we work. Managers at all levels have responsibilities to support and develop systems that create and maintain an environment that prevents harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, safeguards the rights of beneficiaries and community members (especially children), and promotes the implementation of Habitat for Humanity’s code of conduct.

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