RFQ – FY21 065 Plan Certificate in Management Programme (PCIM) Moderator


Plan International are seeking to recruit and select a consultancy or supplier to provide the services of Course Moderator to manage and administrate the day to day running of the Plan Certificate in Management programme (PCIM). The PCIM is an established programme and has been running for 10 years. This will be a long Term Agreement of 3 years, with the contract being renewed on an annual basis.

The PCIM is an 18-month blended on-line management development programme for middle-level managers that focuses on the leadership and management skills and behaviours needed to excel in these positions.

The PCIM for cohort 18 will start in May 2021, with enrolment in April 2021, for 80 students per cohort from across the four regions where Plan International operates i.e. Asia, Americas, West Africa, East & South Africa and Global Hub and National Offices.

The PCIM consists of six units delivered online using the Totora platform, with each unit lasting 2 or 3 months each. Please refer to appendix one for information about the PCIM programme.

Please request appendix one to procurement@plan-international.org along with the supplier questionnaire as indicated below. Please reference “RFQ FY21- 065 PCIM 065 Plan Certificate in Management Programme (PCIM) Moderator”

The role of the Course Moderator

The Course Moderator is the first point of contact for students and is the person likely to have the most contact with students over the course of the programme. In effect they are the ‘face’ of the PCIM programme and therefore it is important that the role is fulfilled at all times, including holidays, sickness or any other absence.

They are expected to provide email and online support for students and tutors, responding promptly to all queries (within SLAs of 48 hours maximum), and escalating those queries they are unable to answer themselves.

As a global programme the Course Moderator will need to ensure that they manage their workload to ensure that students in different time zones are accommodated and supported.

Course Moderator Activity

Pre-Programme Tasks

· Set up PCIM site for new cohort within Plan’s Learning Management System LMS (currently Totora). This involves setting up a new category, a course for each unit and adding the content to each unit.

· Set up a cohort within the LMS, add all students and enrol them on the first unit.

· Tasks during the programme

· Update the unit content if Unit Tutor provides new/amended material

· Add all dates and deadlines to the unit

· Set up webinar sessions within virtual classroom tool (currently Blackboard Collaborate) and communicate dates and times to students

· Provide webinar links to the students, Course Tutors and Course Owner.

· Agree webinar recordings with Course Tutor and arrange for this to be published on LMS and communicated to students.

· Co-ordinate and set up group activities /learning groups via the LMS.

· With the Unit Tutor monitor the student’s engagement and submissions of group assignments and activities.

· Review the learning review focus forms at the beginning and end of each unit for each student and provide feedback on their objectives and reflections.

Regular Tasks

· Send weekly updates to current cohort through the LMS (weekly) to support / coach / guide students through the programme and core learning activities.

· Answer any queries raised by the students.

· Monitor student progress and update student tracker (weekly)

· Contact students whose progress is unsatisfactory, indicating what needs to be done to bring performance to an acceptable standard. When appropriate, escalate the issue to the Course Owner, making recommendations for next action. (e.g. formal warning, removal from programme)

· Provide the Course Owner with a progress update (monthly)

Post Programme Tasks

· Review the programme with Course Owner

· Provide input to evaluation if required

We estimate that 30 days support is required per cohort per year; for 2021 there will be 1 cohort and for 2022 and 2023 11/2 cohorts to administrate each year. Due to the nature of the programme and support required these 30 days will be part days spread over the units/year and dependent on the administrative support required.

Please note that the PCIM schedule may change for future cohorts and does not include all the requirements of the role but just regular tasks.

Course Moderator Availability

As the programme runs continuously throughout the year, the course moderator must count with enough resources (human and material) to fulfil the course requirements at all times, including holidays, sickness or any other absence. Sufficient cover needs to be provided over the month to ensure that all queries are responded too within 48 hours.

Key skills and experience required for the Course Moderator Role

· Extensive experience of Totora administration, including creating, editing and managing content.

· Experience of managing and administrating virtual classrooms, including using Blackboard Collaborate.

· Experience of co-ordinating and managing the administration and facilitation of on-line learning programmes.

· Excellent time management / project management skills

· Strong interpersonal skills, able to build relationships with a variety of people, face to face and virtual via emails, weekly updates, forum contributions etc

· Strong coaching and influencing skills, able to support, develop and engage others virtually to assist with their learning and engagement to the programme.

· Interested in others learning and wellbeing, able to provide solutions and help others to resolve issues / problems.

· Positive and proactive can-do attitude – role modelling the behaviours associated with the key units in the PCIM programme.

Outcomes – these will be included in SLA

· All students are enrolled on the programme and have access to the LMS before the programme begins.

· LMS is maintained and updated to the unit tutor and Course Owner requirements with all changes being actioned within 3 working days.

· All student queries, via email or forum requests, are responded to within 48 hours, escalating those queries they are unable to answer themselves.

· Weekly updates are posted on the LMS and promote the activities / schedule of the programme assisting the students to be engaged and on track to complete the programme.

· All regular reviews are completed in the time in-line with the programme schedule and as agreed by the Course Owner.

· All students are supported throughout the programme and the average ratings in the end of unit review for the Course Moderator are 3.5 out of 5 or above.

· Webinars, group activities etc are co-ordinated to ensure that students in different time zones are accommodated and supported.

· All participants learning focus forms are reviewed and feedback provided at the beginning and end of each unit.

· PCIM programme is co-ordinated and managed to the agreed schedule, with any issues that may cause delay/changes and/or impact the quality of the student’s learning experience must be escalated to the Course Owner within 48 hours.

· The role / duties of the course moderator are fulfilled at all times, including holidays, sickness or any other absence.


· The LMS will be provided by Plan and is currently Totora

· All Unit Tutors will be sourced and contracted by Plan

· All course content will be provided by Unit Tutors and / or Plan’s Learning and Development Consultant

· Course Moderator will need to ensure that they have the relevant equipment and software to administrate the PCIM – this will not be provided or supported by Plan.


· Set up of PCIM site, setting up new category, a course for each unit and adding the content for each unit from April 2021.

· Enrolment of cohort 18 for programme to start in May 2021.

How to apply

List of documents to be submitted with the RFQ

Please submit a proposal outlining your interest in this work including:

  1. Proposal (PDF) containing the following:

· Company profile, registered name and address

· How your services and experiences meet our requirements stated above

· Detailed breakdown of your fees including rates per hour and days per person and any other costs that need to be considered. Prices must be in GBP if your firm is based/registered in the UK. For bidders outside the UK please provide prices in USD and GBP.

· UK consultants must be registered as a company in line with IR35 regulations.

· Confirmation that you would be available to start in April 2021. Your proposal should be supported by evidence that demonstrates that your organisation has a proven track record and experience of co-ordinating and managing on-line learning programmes including:

· Editing and using Totora

· Administrating virtual classrooms including Blackboard Collaborate

· Coaching and supporting learners virtually via emails and forums etc

· Managing and facilitating complex on-line course schedules / programmes

· Co-ordinating and working with third party learning suppliers

· Moderating on-line programmes, including tracking individual learners progress and identifying any necessary actions or areas of improvement

· Reviewing and reporting on individual learner’s progress / status

· Experience in not-for-profit sector would be desirable.

· Proposals must be submitted in PDF or Microsoft Word documents. No links, please.

2. * Completed Supplier Questionnaire (to be requested at procurement@plan-international.org). Please ensure you quote RFQ reference “RFQ FY21- 065 PCIM *065 Plan Certificate in Management Programme (PCIM) Moderator”)**

*Not required of you have completed a Supplier Questionnaire within the last 12 months

You will be required to provide two referees who have worked with over the last two years who can give us feedback on the above criteria. Please provide the following details

Company/Client name:

Contract dates:

Contact name and email address:

Phone Number:

Services provided:

References will be taken for shortlisted bidders.

* Completed Supplier Questionnaire (to be requested at procurement@plan-international.org). Please ensure you quote RFQ reference “RFQ FY21- 065 *Plan Certificate in Management Programme (PCIM) Moderator**”*) **

* *Not required of you have completed a Supplier Questionnaire within the last 12 months***.**

Shortlisted bidders will be invited to interview with Plans’ Head of Learning and Development and Julie Ellison – Learning and Development Consultant

Submission of offers:

The offer must be sent via email to Procurement@plan-international.org

Offers must be received before the deadline specified in the “Request for Quotations”

Pricing for services should state whether they are fixed or non-fixed.

Evaluation of offers

Shortlisted suppliers may be invited to discuss their proposals in more detail at Plan’s discretion.

Plan International, at its sole discretion, will select the successful RFQ.

Plan international shall be free to:

· Accept the whole, or part only, of any submission

· Accept none of the proposals

· Republish this Request for Quotations

Plan International reserves the right to keep confidential the circumstances that have been considered for the selection of the offers.

Part of the evaluation process may include a presentation from the supplier and a site visit by Plan International staff, to offices.

Value for money is very important to Plan International, as every additional £ saved is money that we can use on our humanitarian and development work throughout the world.

Plan International may award multiple contracts and all contracts will be non-exclusive. **

Contract Payment terms

Please note that, if successful, Plan International’s standard terms of payment are 30 days after the end of the month of receipt of invoice, or after acceptance of the Goods/Services/Works, if later.


The onus is on the invited companies to ensure that its offer is complete and meets Plan International’s requirements. Failure to comply may lead to the offer being rejected. Please therefore ensure that you read this document carefully and answer fully all questions asked.

If you have any queries in relation to your submission, or to any requirements of this tender, please email: procurement@plan-international.org

Thank you for your proposal.


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