Review and Draft Local Conditions of Service for identified locations within Asia


ASSIGNMENT: Review and Draft Local Conditions of Service for identified locations within Asia IUCN
REPORTING MANAGER: Raymundo Juan, Head of HR, Asia and Oceania
LOCATION: Home-based
DURATION: 28 June 2021 to 27 December 2021

IUCN’s Local Conditions of Service (CoS) establishes the employment conditions offered to staff members according to local labour laws and under the framework of the IUCN Staff Rules and the Host Country Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding with the Host Government. The local labour law is the minimum standard for employment conditions at a given duty station while the CoS provides guidance in the management of employment conditions ensuring alignment with statutory regulations and agreements, and whenever appropriate, the country context and local HR practices. It is a supplementary provision to the IUCN Staff Rules and supports the implementation of other IUCN global policies and guidelines. In view of revising and aligning the Local Conditions of Service for countries within the Asia region, the IUCN Asia Regional HR Office is looking for a consultant to support this activity.

The Consultant will conduct legal research on all employment-related aspects and conditions according to labour legislation in the following countries: Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Lao PDR, China, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Pakistan and Maldives.

The Consultant will review the current legal and regulatory framework, including all pertinent laws and regulations of each of the countries identified and determine all relevant legal and regulatory gaps with respect to employment conditions vis-à-vis employment laws and host country agreements. Review of statutory regulations include, but not limited to: equal opportunity and non-discrimination, employment conditions and types of employment contracts, compensation, benefits and taxation, confidentiality of information, data protection, conflict resolution, separation and termination, staff discipline, misconduct, harassment, fraud, conflict of interest, privileges afforded depending on the host country agreement and legal recognition in the country, staff rights and obligations, labour relations. Specifically, the consultant will deliver the following outputs: 1. Conduct the necessary research on specific sections and provisions from labour and employment laws for all 12 countries and submit a comprehensive matrix of provisions including reference materials using the template to be provided by IUCN; Review internal IUCN policies, rules, regulations and other available sources from comparative organisations for benchmarking and reconcile variations from provisions of the law and capture all similarities and discrepancies in the provided template; 2. Develop and submit draft Conditions of Service for the following countries: Bangladesh, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam using the standard template to be provided by IUCN including footnotes and references to IUCN policies, table of contents and formatting; Respond to queries and provide clarification to the Reporting Manager as and when 2 needed and incorporate necessary changes to the draft CoS within the prescribed timelines.

 Advanced Degree in Human Resources or Law, or relevant licenses and recognized titles (JD, LLB, etc.) with preference to international/regional labour and employment regulations
 At least 8 years of substantive labour and employment experience to undertake the role
 Excellent communication, drafting and presentation skills
 High level of accuracy on legal interpretation and attention to detail
 Excellent research and organizational skills
 Fluent in English (verbal and written)

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