Operations Leader Ethnologue Project Indonesia


Job Description

We are a team focused on researching and building engagement in diverse minority language communities around Indonesia. We are usually working on multiple projects simultaneously, and need someone to help our team members reach our goals in a timely manner. This means setting deadlines and helping them overcome obstacles and keep in sync with the larger organization. Are you excited about project management, a dynamic work environment, and frequent changes? Then join us.


  • Days in lieu will be provided for non-standard workdays
  • Suluh Insan Lestari offers a reasonable salary
  • Suluh Insan Lestari covers costs associated with relocation
  • Contribute to a worthy cause

Job Requirements

  • Motivated to transform others’ lives for the better
  • Emotionally mature; e.g. be able to remain emotionally stable in difficult situations; be able to navigate difficult situations between team members fairly and without prejudice
  •   Masters degree preferred
  •   Proficient in English speaking/understanding (TOEFL iBT 76/ IELTS 6.0/ TOEFL ITP 540-543)
  •   Has organizational skills for project management, demonstrated by at least 2 years of work experience 
  •   Computer literate
  •   Communicative, responsible, accountable, and firm
  •   Learning spirit, having analytic and critical thinking skills, able to work under minimal  supervision, hard-working, taking initiative, able to work with a team
  •   Willing to work with people from different backgrounds
  •   Able to maintain partner relationships with sensitivity
  •   Aware of language dynamics (sociolinguistics)
  •   Can commit to working 40 hours/week
  •  Willing to travel
  •  Willing to follow Covid-19 protocols


How to Apply

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