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IT Assistant: To assist the project Offices of the Union, State/ Regional and Townships levels in regular maintenance, diagnostic and repair of the electronic related devices to have proper functioning of those devices and share technical know-how to the project staff. The IT Assistant will report to the Project Manager (RCDP procurement). The IT Assistant will be based at Union Office with expectation of 75% of his/her time input spent in the project townships. IT Assistant will:

  • Assist in installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting of hardware and software of computer desktop, laptop, tablet, printer, fax & Scanner to have proper functioning of the project devices.
  • Under approval of procurement director/ deputy directors and Procurement team, frequently visit to the project offices to do regular maintenance and identify present and future requirements of IT related devices.
  • Assist Union Procurement Unit in repairing and replacement of the project electronic devices with remote helpdesk functions for state/ regional and township offices.
  • Assist Union and township procurement team/ staff in preparation of fix asset management list and current conditions of the IT related devices with recommendations from the point of technical professional view.
  • Assist townships offices in networking configurations and MIS system operations.
  • Share professional knowledge and assist to the project staff in data synchronizing, data backup etc.
  • Provide Trainings for the DRD staff in IT related and basic/ intermediate (and advance if required) computer courses, i.e., Microsoft Office.
  • Guidance and help to the Procurement Unit on hardware and software specifications for procuring of IT related goods and services.
  • Drafting of technical guidelines and simplified user manuals (e.g, tablet and router installation/operation).
  • Assist the Project MIS team in operations and Maintenance of the project management information system and delivering of trainings for the project staff.
  • Assist the Union Office in operations and maintenance of the professional software (i.e. Accounting Software).


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