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The Finance assistant will liaise closely with DRD union level, PMU and PIUs, and SSPs to provide financial management support to RCDP activities. The FS will:

  • Support the international and national specialists
  • Assist in the efficient and effective processing and accounting for cash transfers to the Townships and to the Village Tracts
  • Assist in the maintenance of the township accounts and records especially with regard to transactions incurred in Cash
  • Assist the DRD Finance Unit in preparing day-to-day bank and petty cash payment vouchers with appropriate supporting documents
  • Assist in reviewing the replenishment request from the DRD Townships and ensure the correctness
  • Assist in recording / entering the payments and receipts (replenishment and others) into Bank and Cash Book
  • Assist the Project Accountant on a regular basis (monthly and at times of preparing petty cash replenishment request of the Union Level and Township Level)
  • Assist to reconcile the balance in the petty cash book with the cash-in-hand
  • Maintain sequential numbering of receipts and payments
  • Assist in maintaining proper financial files and carry out daily filing of vouchers and records of the project
  • Assist in preparing summary sheet and statement of expenses for the replenishment applications
  • Assist in maintaining the security of the financial accounting system and accounting records of the project
  • Assist in carrying out petty cash physical count at the close of business in the presence of the Project Accountant on the last working day of each month and prepare the cash count sheet reasons for differences between the book balance and physical balance, if there is any
  • To assist in properly recording and controlling project assets and assist during the physical verification of the assets; and
  • Assist the finance unit in any other tasks reasonably related to the above


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