Divisional Pathway of Hope Coordinator


The Salvation Army

Cascade Divisional Headquarters
Department: Social Services
Job Title: Divisional Pathway of Hope Coordinator
Location: Cascade Divisional Headquarters
FLSA: Full-Time Exempt
Posted Wage: $50,000-60,000 DOE

The Salvation Army Mission Statement:

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love for God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Scope of Position:

The Divisional Pathway of Hope Coordinator (DPOHC) directs a program, the Pathway of Hope (POH), involving extensive case management to help program participants identify barriers and create solutions to increase self-sufficiency. Resources used in case management include staff, religious congregations, programs, relationships with community stakeholders, and advisory boards.

In the context of working within The Salvation Army, the work involves training of, cooperation and collaboration with Corps Officers (church pastors) and Pastoral Care Teams (congregational lay leaders) to integrate Bible-based Christian pastoral/spiritual care in the POH. The DPOHC must therefore be intentionally supportive of the religious aspects involved in the work.

The DPOHC works towards greater integration of Salvation Army congregations, volunteers, and soldiery (congregants) in the Army’s ministry of social services which, provided participants are willing, expands social services from engagement in short-term assistance to engagement as neighbor and advocate and, potentially, spiritual minister.

The DPOHC is responsible for supervising and supporting services offered to families through the POH case management approach at identified corps or social services sites. DPOHC will report directly to the Divisional Social Services Director/Divisional Secretary for Program (DSSD/DSP) and work collaboratively with the Territorial Social Services Dept. to support implementation of this approach, including staff training/consultation, quality assurance, program evaluation, and outcome reporting.



· Required: Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or comparable degree from an accredited college or university.

· Preferred: Master of Social Work (MSW) or comparable degree from an accredited college or university.


· For an MSW, a minimum of two years of experience in supervision of social service programs providing case management with at-risk, economically and socially vulnerable populations.

· For a BSW, a minimum of four years of experience in supervision of social service programs providing case management with at-risk, economically and socially vulnerable populations.

· Demonstrated capacity in building collaborative community service program models.

· Familiarity with Salvation Army policies and procedures preferred.


Must be in substantial agreement with the doctrines of Christian faith as stated by The Salvation Army and practice its core beliefs.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge required: Use a computer effectively and efficiently in the working environment; use standard office machines (e.g., fax, copier, multi-line telephone, keyboard); use standard office practices and procedures; read, write, and speak the English language to express ideas and communicate effectively; engage in effective public speaking.

Skill required: Type 40 wpm; perform data entry using database program; use Microsoft software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) to correctly create documents, business letters, and business reports; use basic math (add, subtract, multiply, divide, fractions, decimals); establish effective working and community relationships; attention to detail.

Ability required: Demonstrated capacity to teach adults. Interact with individuals using generally accepted business behaviors and standards. Use interpersonal skills to deal effectively with others in favorable and unfavorable situations. Train, plan, and direct the work of others. Organize, prioritize, and plan own work. Multitask, i.e., change work focus or respond to change of conditions and interruptions in workflow. Learn new systems and procedures. Problem solve, i.e., the ability to identify problems and find effective solutions with limited assistance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Supervision and Consultation

· Lead the corps through the preparation process to implement POH.

· Provide ongoing supervision and administrative oversight for all local units in the implementation of POH.

· Provide training for corps staff regarding the objectives of the POH program, to include but not limited to, a holistic approach to ministry, bridging social service clients to corps congregations, and increasing coordination within the Army to ensure inclusion of client families into relevant corps activities.

· Encourage, motivate, and support staff and officers throughout the division to work collaboratively for the purposes of serving those targeted individuals and families through POH and its desired outcomes.

· Provide direct case consultation and technical assistance to caseworkers and interns, as requested.

· Plan, coordinate, and facilitate monthly caseworker meetings, whether virtual or in person.

· Meet with local staff and officers at least monthly to offer support and information regarding community linkages, and program requirements including intake processes, intervention strategies, and collection of data needed to meet program reporting requirements.

· Assist in recruiting, interviewing, and training of new employees directly involved in providing POH on the local level.

· Provide casework orientation and training for new caseworkers or interns.

· Attend inter-agency meetings and participate in local networks with local staff, as appropriate.

Planning and Implementation

· Ensure quality of POH planning and implementation by participating with POH planning and program development at sites.

· Ensure consistent communication by participating in regularly scheduled conference calls with the Territorial POH Project Manager, local caseworkers, officers, and the DSSD/DSP.

· Ensure consistent internal communication and understanding of program developments by sharing electronic and hard copies of updated information with divisional staff and corps. Additionally, prepare bi-monthly reports on the POH progress and status for POH Project Manager and DSSD/DSP.

· Ensure quality of local data and reporting of information that will support national and territorial POH program outcomes.

· Ensure relevance and consistency of POH by collaborating with the Project Manager and DSSD/DSP with ongoing development of policies and procedures, goals and objectives, and outcome-based measures related to the POH.

· Ensure relevance of POH approach to funders by keeping current on program funding resources, both public and private, and assist DSSD/DSP and Development staff to support local leadership in securing additional localized funding.

· Assist scaling of POH and learning agenda by collaborating with the POH Project Manager, the DSSD/DSP and other organizations for the purposes of further development of the POH model and support kindred projects, as requested and/or assigned.

Evaluation and Outcome Measurement

· Ensure the accuracy of data entry into the database.

· Oversee annual POH evaluations/outcomes measurement for cluster(s) of corps and complete summary/review report to POH Project Manager and DSSD/DSP.

· Report any POH implementation challenges and work with the POH Project Manager, and DSSD/DSP to develop an action plan to address program development needs.

· Maintain a POH database which consolidates program data across units, updating information as needed.

· Collaborate with POH Project Manager and assist the DSSD/DSP with the development of program specific POH implementation plans as requested and/or assigned.

· Serve on committees related to case management, emergency assistance and building sufficiency, as requested or appointed.

Education and Training

· Plan, conduct, and/or participate in POH workshops and other training events at the territorial, divisional, and/or local level, as requested or assigned.

· Plan, conduct, and/or participate in other social service workshops and staff training events at the territorial, divisional, or local level, as requested or assigned.

· Maintain a database of personnel who have been trained in POH, updating all information quarterly following POH evaluation reviews of each unit.

· Provide supervision for social work student interns, as requested or assigned.

Department Support

· Participate in departmental staff meetings; meet with the POH Project Manager on a regular basis for consultation and project review.

· Complete monthly itinerary and status reports on activities and projects.

· Contribute to the development of department reports to administration as requested.

· Serve on divisional, territorial, or national committees, as requested or assigned.

· Represent the DSSD/DSP or other department personnel at meetings, hearings, or conferences, as requested or assigned.

Statement of Purpose

This document provides descriptive information about the above Salvation Army position. Work actually

performed by incumbents in this position may vary. Although this document may be used for recruiting,

staffing, or career planning, the information contained herein should only be used as a guideline or

recommendation for the content of and qualifications for this position. An individual’s ability to meet the

qualifications and capabilities described in this document is not a guarantee of employment or promotion.

All employees recognize that The Salvation Army is a church and agree that they will do nothing as an

employee of The Salvation Army to undermine its religious mission.

Caveat: The Salvation Army reserves the right to make changes to this document as deemed necessary

without providing advance written notice.

Physical Requirements

See Checklist for Physical Activities & Requirements, Visual Acuity, and Working Conditions of the Position.**

Working Conditions

See Checklist for Physical Activities & Requirements, Visual Acuity, and Working Conditions of the Position**


The candidate chosen for this position will be required to pass a criminal history information check. Conviction of a crime will not automatically preclude employment. The circumstances involved in the conviction(s) will be considered.

Qualified individuals must be able to perform the essential duties of the position with or without accommodation. A qualified person with a disability may request a modification or adjustment to the job or work environment in order to meet the physical requirements of the position. The Salvation Army will attempt to satisfy requests as long as the accommodation needed is reasonable and no undue hardship would result.

The candidate chosen will understand and agree that the POH is a component of The Salvation Army religious ministry outreach through social service. The Army’s social services generally, and the POH particularly, portrays this ministry as something God graciously does in the helping relationship. At its heart, social service is not helping deeds that the Christian carries out on behalf of others. Rather, it is primarily a recognition of God’s healing presence with the person in need and His call to us to join Him at this place of need, followed by our allowing Him to work through us to bring healing and hope.

Supervisor: Divisional Social Services Secretary or Divisional Secretary for Program


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