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Employment Regime:


Post Category:

Management Level ML-2




Kosovo Specialist Chambers/Judicial Services Division/Language Services Unit

Security Clearance Level:

EU SECRET or equivalent

Open to Contributing Third States:


Reporting Line:

The Court Interpreter (Albanian) reports to the Head of Language Services Unit or other senior LSU staff, as designated by the Head of Unit.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

· To provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, at the duty station or on mission, from and into Albanian and English, at court hearings, meetings in chambers, client-attorney conferences, investigative interviews, official meetings and events, (press) conferences, etc.;

· To keep abreast of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers’ case law, developments in the field of international criminal law and international humanitarian law;

· To prepare thoroughly for assignments, keep all job-related information strictly confidential and uphold professional standards and ethics;

· To act as interpretation team leader when necessary;

· To assist with orientation of new staff or freelance interpreters;

· To assist with programming of assignments, as necessary;

· To assist with reviewing transcripts of interpretation, and preparing corrections in the event of substantive errors;

· To assist in quality control of interpretation provided by junior interpreters;

· To produce self-revised translations and cross-read translations produced by others when not assigned to interpretation;

· To strive for consistency with reference texts and with the output of staff translators;

· To translate using the in-house computer-assisted translation and terminology software;

· To provide a high standard of accuracy, consistency and faithfulness to the spirit, style, register and nuances of the original and observe the in-house terminology and usage when interpreting and translating;

· To identify new terminological material for consideration of senior staff members;

· To undertake any other related tasks as requested by the Line Managers.

Essential Qualifications and Experience:


· Successful completion of University studies of at least three (3) years attested by a diploma OR a qualification in the National Qualifications Framework which is equivalent to level 6 in the European Qualifications Framework OR a qualification of the first cycle under the framework of qualifications of the European Higher Education Area e.g. Bachelor’s degree


· A minimum of seven (7) years of relevant professional experience, after having fulfilled the education requirements.

Specification of Education and Experience

· The above mentioned University degree must be in at least one of the following fields of expertise: Modern Languages, Interpretation or other related university studies;**

· A minimum of five (5) years of conference interpretation experience, preferably in the context of an international tribunal, an international organisation or an international body dealing with legal matters;

· Perfect command of English and native (or near-native) knowledge of Albanian is required;

· Excellent organisational, interpersonal and communication skills (both written and verbal);

· Ability to work effectively, remain calm and deliver clear interpretation under stressful conditions;

· Ability to prioritise and manage a high workload while complying with deadlines;

· Ability to act with utmost discretion and maintain confidentiality;

· Ability to establish and maintain effective, constructive working relationships with people of different national and/or cultural backgrounds with respect for diversity.


· Knowledge of other official language of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office (Serbian) will be considered a strong asset;

· Good understanding of the political, cultural and security situation of the Balkans, in particular Kosovo;

· Substantial knowledge of the functioning of the EU and in particular CSDP missions.

How to apply

Citizenship – The candidates must have Citizenship of an EU Member State or of a Contributing Third State.

  1. For candidates from the EU Member States:

The online Application Form (Annex 2), including its Addendum (Annex 3 to be filled in manually and uploaded), shall be submitted via one of the following links:

1.1. For candidates seconded by their EU Member State:

1.2. For contracted candidates from EU Member States:

  1. For candidates from the Third Contributing States:

The Application Form (Annex 2), available on both the EEAS website and the website of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office, shall be sent to one of the following email addresses only:

2.1. For candidates seconded by their Third Contributing State:

Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (CPCC)

2.2. For contracted candidates from the Third Contributing States:

· Only one application form per applicant will be accepted, the latest received within the deadline or the one submitted through the National Authorities being given a priority. You can, however, apply for up to three positions using the same application form, also indicating your order of priority;

· The application form must be completed in English;

· Please ensure that every section of the form is completed accurately, as your application will be evaluated on the completeness and accuracy of all information provided by you in the application form;

· Applicants should assess, before submitting their application form, whether they fulfil all the requirements for admission laid down in the job description;

· Applicants from the EU Member States with queries relating to the online Application Form and/or encountering technical problems, should address their queries to: sends e-mail).

· Applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection procedure in due course by e-mail.

· Here is the link to the Privacy Notice.


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