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The strides made in Indonesia’s overall development have produced an enabling environment for  Indonesia’s  disaster  management  (DM)  institutions  to  become  self-reliant,  responsive,  proactive, and capable of preparing for and responding to the country’s disasters in a way that will mitigate the potential for disastrous impact.

At  about  ten  years-old,  the  key  role  of  Indonesia’s  National  Disaster  Management  Authority  (BNPB)  is  coordination.  The  complexity  of  this  role  cannot  be  overestimated,  as  there  is  a  significant  gap  in  national  and  sub-national level  coordination  among  the  35  ministries  and  government  agencies  who  have  a  role  in  DM.

From May 2019, Mercy Corps with its consortium implementing partners has been supported the Government of Indonesia (GOI) disaster management institution –  the BNPB – and  its people  at  key  administrative  levels  to  be  better  equipped  to  fulfill  their  mandate to deliver effective DM services and save lives through Investing in Human Capital for Disaster Management (INVEST DM) program.

INVEST   DM   seeks   to   provide   a   holistic   approach   to   support   Indonesia’s   disaster management   institutions,   supporting   BNPB’s   own   ‘people-centered’   approach,   where   comprehensive inputs in the areas of: technical capacity in preparedness-response-recovery; policy and planning; governance; and organizational development. These areas are grounded in human capital, serving to capacitate and reinforce the people that make it all function. This means supporting GOI personnel at the national and sub-national levels alike.

As part of a broader  and  longer-term  approach  that  is  necessary  to  achieve  systemic,  transformational  change, INVEST DM seek to explore new programming to continue the initiatives on Human Capital development in DM.


The purpose of this consultancy is to conduct a needs assessment and scoping of a new design for INVEST DM program.

Within this context, Mercy Corps Indonesia is recruiting a national consultant to conduct a need assessment that identifies the scope for human capital development program targeting the DM authorities’ institutions in Indonesia in collaboration with relevant stakeholders under the leadership of BNPB.

The assessment will be based on a review of available literatures and baseline information, and consultations with BNPB leaderships, USAID-BHA, Mercy Corps and relevant ministries and stakeholders. The assessment will identify key DM situation, needs and challenges, and recommendations. This assessment finding will then become the basis of the development of the concept note.


  1. Work plan, including methodologies, schedule, and list of stakeholders for consultation, etc.
  2. Needs Assessment report
  3. Concept note (no longer than 5 pages)


The consultant will undertake, in consultation with INVEST DM leaderships at least the following tasks:

  • Review relevant secondary literature including, but not limited to Disaster Management, Integration/Enhancement within Education Systems and Research, Risk Management Policy and Planning, Capacity Building and Training. Based on the secondary data analysis, identify gaps for primary data collection from proposed relevant stakeholders. This should include reviewing and compiling BNPB’s current Strategic Planning, RPJMN, and Bappenas plan/roadmap.
  • Develop the primary data collection tools and methodologies to assess BNPB needs throughout the program.
  • Conduct consultations with relevant internal and external stakeholders, through key informant interviews, focus group discussions, and workshops. Meet with government authorities, such as BNPB, BPBD DKI Jakarta, State Secretary, Ministry of Home Affair, Indonesian National Civil Service Agency, Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, other organizations working in capacity development programs in DM, and other stakeholders to explore the needs and relevancy to the upcoming program and explore/develop potential collaborations on relevant activities.
  • Based on the primary and secondary information gathered, firstly:
    1. Write the needs assessment report identify key DM challenges, strategies for INVEST DM support, and a matrix of expected outputs and activities and indicative budget needs. This report should obtain BNPB’s leadership concurrence/endorsement.
    2. Write narrative concept note (no longer than 5 pages with the needs assessment report as its annex. The outlines are as the following:
      • Overview: Provide 1-2 paragraphs summarizing the context and the proposed program. Include information about proposed activities, the issues that the activities will address, and why the activities are appropriate.
      • Context/Situation
      • Goal: State goal of the program
      • Objectives: List objectives of the program
      • Needs Assessment Summary and Justification for Intervention: Estimated length 1 page.
      • Program Description: Estimated length ½ to 1 page per Sector. Each Sector: Clearly explain how the proposed activities will address demonstrated needs. Include methodologies, processes, or steps you will take to implement each proposed activity.
      • Cost/Budget


Initially approximately 18 working days intermittent input, starting in early November 2020 until submission of concept note on November 27th, 2020. Given the strict timeline and nature of this collaborative assignment, the estimated duration to complete each output should be respected.

Deliverables Estimated Completion Date
Deliverable 1: Primary Data Collection Tools and Methodologies First week of November 2020
Deliverable 2: Needs Assessment report Second week of November 2020
Deliverable 3: Concept Note Third week of November 2020



Consultant shall perform tasks under the general guidance of Mercy Corps Indonesia leaderships. The supervision of the assignment will include approvals/acceptance of the outputs from Mercy Corps Indonesia Executive Director.


  • Preferably an advanced university degree in development studies, disaster risk governance, or a related field.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in the field of disaster management with strong emphasis on program development, from leading the design, execution, and/or management of multi-sectoral programs in disaster management contexts.
  • Good working experience and relations with BNPB and other GoI agencies as well as DM stakeholders in Indonesia.
  • Prior demonstrated experience from developing and writing proposals for institutional donors, preferably USAID.
  • Excellent Bahasa Indonesia and English speaking/writing skills required; prior experience of facilitating multi-stakeholders workshops and dialogues.


Email your application to with subject “Needs Assessment & Concept Note_INVEST DM” highlighting your suitability for the consultancy position with your CV and price quotation by November 12th, 2020 the latest. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Thank you,

Mercy Corps Indonesia



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