Consultancy: Case Studies on CWC work in Northeast Nigeria


Consultancy: Case Studies on CWC work in Northeast Nigeria

Time period: Feb. 1, 2020-April 31, 2021

Contract length: 3 months

Location: Maiduguri, Nigeria

Travel: 50%; within Northeast Nigeria

Reporting to: Nigeria Country Director

Application deadline: January 15, 2021


Translators without Borders (TWB) is seeking a consultant or consultants to conduct and report on five case studies describing our work as part of a consortium of protection actors working in Northeast Nigeria. These case studies will aim to demonstrate and measure the value and effectiveness of TWB’s work, in order for the organization to increase its impact.


TWB is part of the FCDO-funded ProSPINE+ consortium of protection actors working in the humanitarian response in Northeast Nigeria. Our organization has supported consortium partners with activities including language services (translation and transcription), development of audio and pictorial materials, and capacity-building and training for translators.

Since TWB provides support services to other organizations, we often do not see the end results of our efforts. We do not work directly with the communities who receive our content and therefore, we struggle to understand who receives it, how effective our support is, and what we could do to improve it.

Through this consultancy, TWB seeks to develop case studies of specificprojects, in order to better understand how our work is contributing to the ProSPINE+ consortium, and to identify successes and areas for improvement.


The consultant(s) will conduct in-depth case studies of key interventions TWB led as part of the consortium.

The case studies will address these five activities:

  • Audio PSEA training

  • Development of pictorial communication related to protection and COVID-19

  • Emergency audio communication content related to floods

  • Translation of “My Hero is You” book for children

  • Humanitarian interpreting training (webinars and in-person sessions)

The case studies will focus on understanding the reach and effectiveness of TWB’s language services, capacity building, awareness raising, and interactive resources for humanitarian workers and the affected populations we support. The consultant(s) will also explore how TWB’s adaptations in response to the pandemic may have changed the ways affected populations engaged with the information provided.

Its audience will be TWB program teams, consortium partners and the donor.


TWB expects the case studies will involve a mix of interviews, primary research at field sites and secondary data analysis. We would like the consultant to prioritize primary research in their work plan and methodology.

The consultant’s or consultants’ methodology should help us answer the following guiding questions:


  • What are partners’ perceptions about these different interventions?

  • Did our support improve their efficiency or allow them to communicate in new ways or to new populations?

  • How did partners determine who within affected populations received our content, and in what format?

  • What mechanisms are in place for gathering feedback from these populations?

  • What would they have done in the absence of our support?

  • How could we have provided better support or resources?

End users

  • Who were the end users of our services?

  • How many people did we reach with these activities and where were they?

  • Were any specific groups more or less likely to receive our content? Why?

  • What barriers prevented the content from being received or shared more widely?

  • Did having the information available in different languages and formats improve understanding of key information?


Recommended for this activity: Travel to a total of three field sites in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe; visits to several camps and partners’ offices in and around Maiduguri. Field sites and Maiduguri locations will be selected by TWB.


The consultant will produce up to four packages of deliverables:

  1. February 10: An inception report outlining:

  2. Detailed methodology

  3. Work plan with schedule

  4. Travel plan(s)

  5. Budget

Note: The inception report should be a revision to the original bid package submitted by the consultant(s).

  1. a) March 10: An outline of the final report summarizing findings of the five case studies

b) March 20: A draft report summarizing findings of the five case studies

  1. April 10: A final report and companion materials including:

  2. Final report summarizing findings of the four case studies

  3. Raw assets, including: photographs, video footage, quotes, and detailed interview transcripts and notes

  4. Depending on the skills and interests of the consultant(s), a fourth work package is possible that includes:

  5. Five one-page infographics highlighting key findings from each of the case studies

  6. One short video (3-5 mins) highlighting the findings and helping its audience better understand the work.

For the fourth work package, the consultant(s) may propose to create these assets, oversee TWB staff in creating these assets, or produce raw materials (e.g., photographs, video footage, quotes, and detailed interview transcripts and notes) that may be used in future to create such assets.


The contractor(s) will be directly supervised by the Nigeria Country Director and will have a close working relationship with TWB’s global monitoring team members as well as members of the Nigeria Country Office in Maiduguri.

The contractor(s) should expect to work from TWB’s Maiduguri office and with TWB’s team on field trips, and regularly connect with team members in other locations via Skype or other telecommunications platforms.

They will be expected to liaise directly with parties including but not limited to: focal points in ProSPINE+ partner organizations identified by TWB; residents and staff of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps; and TWB staff.

TWB will arrange transportation in-country and handle logististics related to accessing and traveling between field sites. We will also provide accommodation in-country and coordination support from partners in the field. All travel and accommodation-related costs will be covered by TWB and do not need to be included in the contractor(s) bid price. TWB will provide field interpretation services as necessary.

The contractor will be expected to provide their own laptop and other tools necessary for working online. TWB can supply audio recording equipment.


TWB aims to begin the case studies project in February and conclude by end of April, when TWB’s ProSPINE+ grant period closes.

We expect the contractor(s) to put in 40 hours/week during the contract period and to notify the Nigeria Country Director as soon as possible of any circumstances that arise that compromise the contractor’s or contractors’ ability to meet that expectation.


The successful contractor(s) will have the following qualifications:

  • Degree (or recognized formal qualifications) in media, journalism, communications, research, monitoring and evaluation, or another relevant field

  • 3+ years in independent consulting and demonstrated ability to manage projects independently

  • Experience in and knowledge of the humanitarian sector

  • Verbal and written fluency in English required

  • Excellent critical thinking and writing skills

  • Previous experience in Communicating with Communities (CWC), Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE), or projects involving community engagement and community-facing content production

  • Demonstrated understanding of data collection best practices

  • Demonstrated understanding of Protection Principles

  • Demonstrated commitment to meeting deadlines

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills

  • Proficiency in Hausa or another Northeast Nigerian language a huge plus

  • Knowledge of Northeast Nigeria and the humanitarian context is a plus

  • Familiarity with the translation, language or content industries a plus

  • Multimedia skills (e.g., video editing, sound recording, photography, data visualization) a plus


The payment schedule and amount will be formalized upon the approval of the inception report and budget.

Payment of the consultant(s) will be tied to the following milestones:

  1. Inception report: 25%

  2. Draft outline and report: 25%

  3. Final report and compensation for 4th work package (if included): 50%

These payments will be processed after TWB approves each milestone.


  • Submit:
    • A CV for all those who will work on the project
    • A cover letter expressing your interest and suitability for the project and listing your daily rate in USD
    • A description of methodology to be used (four pages maximum- to be included in the cover letter)
    • Work examples, particularly any similar reports or projects (three examples maximum- either included in the cover letter, or as links).
    • If applying for some or all of the fourth work package, share additional work examples for infographics and/or video component (two examples maximum each) links can be added at Website, blog, Portfolio.
    • Three professional references


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