Calls for proposals related to the translation, transcription and editing services



related to the provision of translation, transcription and editing services for the Middle East and North Africa Division

Reference number: TSL – 04/21
Requested services: Provision of translation, transcription and editing services for the Middle East and North Africa Division
Contracting organisation: Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance – DCAF

Deadline for submission of tenders Sunday, 23 May 2021
Expected start of contract Monday, 7 June 2021

I. Introduction
DCAF – the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance is an international organisation dedicated to promoting good governance of the justice and security sector. It promotes the development of efficient security forces that are properly controlled and overseen by executive and legislative authorities and are fully accountable to citizens and their elected leaders.
In support of its long-term assistance programme to justice and security sector reform (SSR) in the MENA region, DCAF maintains two offices in Tunis, an office in Ramallah, Palestine and an office in Beirut, Lebanon. DCAF provides its partners with policy advice and research, promotes inclusive approaches and processes to SSR and offers various capacity building programmes.
II. Mandate overview
DCAF is calling for applications for the provision of translation, transcription and editing services (from French & English into Arabic and vice versa) for its Middle East and North Africa Division for all types of documents, publications and presentations as well as online databases and digital content.
The translation service provider (the Provider) will carry out translations as instructed in writing by DCAF (the Client). They will agree on deadlines for each assignment in writing before the assignment starts. All translations made by the Provider shall involve input by two different professionals: one translator and one editor who will review the translation. Formatting will match the source file as closely as it is possible within MS Office, unless agreed otherwise. Formatting will include lay-out adaptation from right-to-left to left-to-right and vice versa.
The Provider will be expected to place particular emphasis on ensuring:
• accurate and consistent translation of laws and terms related to SSR, in accordance with a glossary provided by the Client
• consistency of tone and structure
• completeness and accuracy of overall translation, legal or otherwise
• that citations are reviewed, ensuring that official documents are quoted from the original and official version
• that citations are properly referenced with foot/end notes, and that links apply to all relevant texts
With regards to the translation for DCAF’s Online Legal Databases, the Provider is expected to translate, review and format legal texts with only sample review necessary from the Client.
The Provider should be able to complete the assigned translations at a speed of no less than 50’000 words per month or proportions thereof.
In the event of a conflict concerning the content translated, the final decision shall be taken by the Client.
Proposals should be for a minimum duration of 24 months.
III. Selection criteria and required qualifications
In its proposal, the Provider is to indicate fulfilment of the following selection criteria:
• The Provider must display sufficient experience in successfully translating documents of comparable lengths to ensure continuity and quality of the service.
• The proposal must contain a detailed budget calculation, listing the estimated price per word and/or service to be provided, with full details of units and unit costs.
• The proposal should mention the amount of time the Provider will need to translate documents per number of words and its ability to meet very tight deadlines.
• The proposal must mention the maximum amount of words the Provider can translate monthly and yearly for the Client.
• The provider must indicate if it is able to fulfil all required services. Otherwise, details of the services included and those excluded shall be included.
• The provider must indicate any potential impact on costs for regular and urgent services and its understanding of such services (when a request is considered urgent and when it is regular).
The Provider will be selected based upon:
• Technical suitability and proficiency (75 points): demonstrable expertise and experience of a sufficient number of staff – the proposal should therefore mention reference projects and outline the number and qualifications of the team that will be working on each commission
• The lowest cost (25 points)
IV. Timeframe and procedures
Prospective providers should submit a full tender referencing the items above and specifically outlining fulfilment of the criteria to fulfil the Mandate in sections II and III by 23 May 2021. A budget calculation should be included as part of the financial submission, that summarises costs per component and unit.
Contracts for provision of services will be signed with a 3-month trial period from the date of signature. The following timeline applies to this procedure:

Call for proposals officially announced: 29 April
Deadline for receiving proposals: 23 May
Final selection of company : 31 May

Project start (upon signature of the contract): 7 June
Service providers shall provide details of their preferred payment modalities, if they so wish. The payment modalities will however be established in the contract to be signed by the Client and the selected Provider, and shall be in line with DCAF’s own rules and procedures. All payments would generally be made against a detailed invoice, within a period of 30 days from the date of invoice submission. The contract is subject to DCAF’s terms of business, especially its commitment to non-corruption, transparency and accountability.


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